Crossed Out (Demo)


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released August 20, 2014



all rights reserved


DEFICIENCY plymouth, Massachusetts

Mason Hopkins - Vocals
Richard Brennan - Guitar
Jon Tellier - Drums
Matt Luz - Bass


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Track Name: On The Rise (Dec. 2012)
Trouble rears it head, and you cower in fear
difficulty appears, and you break down
life gets hard, you get soft
you're far too distraught
maybe its time you sucked it up
maybe its time you got up
maybe its time
you did something worth while


don't let it get to you
surpass it
you're better than this
beat it
its not too hard
Track Name: S.A.M.P.T.I.S.B. (Feb. 2013)
who do you think you are
you're pathetic nihilistic and dull
who do you think you are
who do you think you are
you make
me want
to pierce
my skull
Track Name: Steep Expectations (July 2013)
steep expectations
exponential disappointments
trying hard to rise up, mad to feel
like I'm decaying
I'm not your first and not your last
don't expect from me what you seen from them
getting older
getting smarter
more experienced everyday
so I've decided
so I've decided
Fuck everything that you say
fuck everything that you say
Track Name: 144 (Oct. 2013)
I'm unworthy of this gift given to me
a loving mother
a strong father
a roof over my head
and even this fucking bed
just a kid with potential
just potential

rise to the occasion
won't fall to temptation
all I have is my own, contemplation
of what to do in this life of self deprivation

can't fall to the powers that be, can't fall its all up to me

so I'm trying I'm fucking trying, for you, for me, for everyone.
Track Name: Punk As Fuck (Oct. 2013)
the government
and the cops
and my mom
Track Name: American Dream (Dec. 2013)
The american dream is a lie
all your mothers will rot
and so will you
this preconceived notion of what it is to be
it doesn't matter to me
we are all one in the same, we all live, we all die
you, you, you're no different than me

you're no different than me
who the fuck are you to tell me what to be
Track Name: Crossed Out (Dec. 2013)
crossed out
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
get the fuck out of my way
you've got nothing good to say
I'll just let you waste away
watch your body rot and decay

you can't have what is mine
Track Name: Spineless Men (Jan. 2014)
negative judgement is the essence of that which halts humanity's progression
the prying eyes of the judges who tear men apart are the eyes of the conformist

normal and typical are relative terms used by the ignorant and the feeble
the spineless men who dive first into the river of typical society
Track Name: Free As The Fox (Feb. 2014)
the suburban concrete sears the soles of my feet through these 3x4 foot forests
contained by the paved trails of humanity the oppressed fox trots

take whats yours and hold it tight
the evil hearts of man will kill for their disgusting self obsession
the free man is an idea, there is no free man, he does not speak, he has died.
Track Name: Misguided (Feb. 2014)
social distractions for my pessimism
distancing evils and all the hatred to set me fucking free

blind and free, two words put together, its ignorant to avoid pains of life, its doesn't fit, it never will but we continue to

turn the mudslides into trails that wind up to a mountain of potential

rise up

say the seekers of perfection, a weightless goal, surmount the potential that precedes you, don't lay claim to the insanity.